Rigging Reel - January 2017

Jolly Roger - 2016 (Pirate 3D Character Rig)

Andrew Glisinski - Pirate Cartoony Rig 2016

Modelled and Rigged in Maya by Andrew Glisinski A fully featured cartoony-style rig of my pirate "Jolly Roger", features stretchy limbs, custom deformation techniques (torso squash and stretch, cuff and facial hair), space switching IK. Multi-layered geometry for future customizable shirt. My custom cuff deformation detailed at blog post here: http://www.aganimator.com/blog/2016/2/25/structure-deform-rig-in-maya

Realistic Human Head Rig - 2015/2016 ( Joint Based)

Andrew Glisinski - Head & Rig 2015

Animation: 2016

Modelled, Textured and Rigged in Maya by Andrew Glisinski (me) Entirely controlled by joint based deformation.

Utilizes concepts explored in Jason Osipa's book "Stop Staring".