• Animator – Created dynamic and engaging character, effect and environment based animation utilizing 3D & 2D tools. 
  • Production Artist – Generated high quality unique game assets that have dynamic quality, enhancing user experience
  • Technical Artist – Has worked with teams of developers and artists generating guidelines & techniques to ensure proper utilization and implementation of art assets within various pipelines
  • Rigging & Scripting – roduced dynamic and automated character rig systems within Maya utilizing native DG network nodes for fast and performance-driven rigs. Utilized Python scripting for a custom auto-rigger as well as various other tools within the Maya environment. Utilized PyMel API wrappers of for fast and efficient scripting development in an object-oriented fashion. Has used Toonboom Harmony’s rigging to produce dynamic character rigs.


February 2017 – June 2017
July 2016 - October 2016

Secret Location

Blasters of the Universe (2017 - PC VR Title) 

Animation & Rigging

  • Produced VR ready and engaging, unique and believable animation utilizing both Maya and Unity workflows

  • Developed feature-rich, dynamic rigs for character driven animation for both boss and enemy characters in game

  • Utilized and took full advantage of the Unity mecanim workflow for producing layered, dynamic and engaging animation that allows for both easy integration as well as a sophisticated animated performances

  • Cleaned up existing rigs and skinning, with a focus on bipedal characters over to Maya's Human IK system to allow for future motion capture retargeting of animation

  • Posed and lit various game models for marketing purposes.


October 2011 - March 2015


Loot Quest (iOS, Soft-Launched)

Animation & Rigging

  • Generated high quality dynamic 2D-style character animation using Blender 3D software utilizing IK & FK methodologies.
  • Mobile centric character animation – Dynamic animation suited for small-scale viewing and formatted for easy armor part swapping
  • Developed 2D-style character rigs that utilized FK & IK within Blender to allow for dynamic and fast-paced production of animation.
  • Created exciting and responsive Unity-3D animation & particle effects for in-game props & special abilities – hybrid of traditional sprite-sheet based animation as well as particle effects.


  • Aided in production of initial designs of dungeon flow pipeline and development of mobile-friendly art direction
  • Conceptualized and built various unique engaging game locations and has worked with technical designer to produce content in Unity3D. 
  • Generated enticing weapon imagery and props, combined with Unity-based particle effects to enhance the player’s experience of weapon upgrading.


  • Responsible for setting up clear style guidelines for contract artists for initial asset production, aim was to speed up process which assets could be incorporated. Worked with developers for proper implementation of assets while maintaining their high quality appearance. 
  • Worked with developers on the production of special effect components
  • Aided in formatting FBX exports into Unity-centric methodologies

Mighty Monsters (iOS & Android)


  • Primarily utilized Flash for all asset generation, pushing creative boundaries with each new design and creating bold and promising new content for players to enjoy. 
  • Designed & produced successful and community-loved levels: Jumbled Jungle, Glacial Grounds, Radiant Rift
  • Aided in designing a new UI to transition from 4:3 to 16:9 screen sizes. Produced an ergonomic and functional solution for button layout
  • Produced two unique successful rare monsters for a special event in the game
  • Generated various UI banners, unique avatars and successful marketing campaigns within the Mighty Monsters universe. 


  • Generated exciting new animation techniques in CSS-based animation that gave dynamic appearances to levels & animated sequences
  • Responsible for formatting and cleaning up most animation. Allowing focus for dynamic animated sequences for implementation pipeline.
  • Created dynamic scenes that had been able to further entice players into the Mighty Monsters universe.



  • Rendered final "stage select" imagery from rough designs provided, utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

August 2011 - September 2011


  • Developed two birthday e-cards for Jib-Jab e-cards within Adobe After Effects & Adobe Photoshop. Focus on developing cards that are unique for the JibJab brand.


May - July 2010

Cuppa Coffee, Toronto, ON

Compositing / Post-Unit Intern – Summer Internship

  • Lip-sync on various shots on episodes of Glenn Martin DDS
  • Fixing light-pops and various other scene discrepancies in Adobe After Effects
  • Roto-scoping and various mask-related tasks on scenes. 
  • Animated particle FX and utilized FX libraries for one scene of Glenn Martin DDS


  • Human Head Rig – Joint Based (Maya) - Generated a realistic human head model and rig utilizing joint only systems.
  • “Jolly Roger” Pirate Rig (Maya) -Full multi-mesh rig utilizing all common rigging techniques – IK space switching, custom deformation techniques utilizing custom area of influence based systems: custom cuff deformation, squash and stretch.
  • Custom “Rubber-Band” style rig - Custom node network setup of an array of influence objects, producing a world-space reactive set of transforms
  • Maya Tools Set – Python: Maya’s Commands and pyMel. Tools include (but not limited to): Asymmetrical mesh deformation transfer tool, mesh deform transfer tool, mirror skin weights across select vertices, JSON-focused skin weight export, “Multiply Divide” Node relationship builder, selection history toolbox, Play blast Director. 
  • Basic Maya Nodes C++ API Node development - Sine/Cosine generator node 


  • Autodesk Maya – rigging, scripting, animation, modeling and texturing.
  • Python – Maya’s built in python commands and pyMel.
  • Adobe software suite: Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Flash, Illustrator
  • Blender 3D – Rigging, animation, modeling and texturing
  • HTML5 & CSS-based animation
  • Git version control system – Github & Sourcetree platforms
  • Experience with Agile JIRA-based projects


BAA Animation - High Honours                                     June 2011
Sheridan Institute, Oakville ON Canada

Art Fundamentals Animation – Honours                      2006/07                
Sheridan Institute, Oakville ON Canada


Official Toronto Unity Developers Meet-Up - 2014

  • Guest speaker – Topics regarding 2D-character animation and rigging pipeline meeting the needs of a large scale mobile project

T.O. Jam (2013-2015)

  • “Blorb” (2015) – Rigged and produced 3D assets for Unity 3D environment. Did basic level & puzzle design with scripted elements provided by developer team mate. 
  • "Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge" (2014) - Produced assets & Animated within Unity 3D - Utilized Unity's Animator state machine workflow
  • "Where-House?" (2013) Non-Euclidean Sokoban - Produced assets & animation

Moly-Jam 2012 hosted by Uken Games

  • "Cell X-Plosion" Top down typing of the dead with phone numbers - Produced assets and animation