Demo Reel


Demo Reel

My animation reel featuring highlights from the video game project "Blasters of the Universe". All animation and rigging for characters was done in Maya.

0:05 - 0:44 - Blasters of the Universe - Responsibilities: Rigging, Animation. Software: Maya, Unity3D

0:45 - 0:46 - Custom Realistic Head Rig and Animation (Joint Based). Software: Maya

0:47 - 1:09 - Unlaunched IOS Project: 2D Character Animation. Software: Blender3D

1:09 - 1:26 - Fourth year Film Project. Traditional.



Rigging Reel - January 2017

Jolly Roger - 2016 (Pirate 3D Character Rig)

Andrew Glisinski - Pirate Cartoony Rig 2016

Modelled and Rigged in Maya by Andrew Glisinski A fully featured cartoony-style rig of my pirate "Jolly Roger", features stretchy limbs, custom deformation techniques (torso squash and stretch, cuff and facial hair), space switching IK. Multi-layered geometry for future customizable shirt. My custom cuff deformation detailed at blog post here:

Realistic Human Head Rig - 2015/2016 ( Joint Based)

Andrew Glisinski - Head & Rig 2015

Animation: 2016

Modelled, Textured and Rigged in Maya by Andrew Glisinski (me) Entirely controlled by joint based deformation.

Utilizes concepts explored in Jason Osipa's book "Stop Staring".

Production Art

Production Art


Mighty Monsters (iOS)

Bingo Pop (iOS)



Meet Bernie the Bear and Snowboy. Bernie wants to learn how to skate, but cannot do it just on his own. Snowboy, who's eager for a friend to skate with, helps Bernie on his way. Both learn a valuable lesson that they can help each other at the end of the day. My fourth year thesis film. (C) 2011 Andrew Glisinski. Digitally produced with the following tools: Digicel Flipbook Adobe CS5 Suite Toonboom Animate 2 


My 2011 Thesis Student Film Produced at Sheridan College